A Kingdom Divided

Posted by Patrick Fairbanks on 2/23/17

On Saturday February 4, 2017 the world media was filled with news about a “hateful” poster against Pope Francis that spread around the city of Rome. The message on the poster read: “Where is your mercy?” It was a satirical way of questioning the Pope’s decisions regarding Church personnel ... Read More »


Posted by Diane Roden on 2/16/17

     In my family, whenever a big kid punched a little kid, my dad would intervene, have the big kid stand still, and he would allow the little kid to exact revenge by delivering a free punch to the big kid.  We older kids hated that.  This fake sense ... Read More »

In Quest of Wisdom

Posted by Diane Roden on 2/08/17

     One of the sections in the Christian Bible is known as “Wisdom Books” or “Wisdom Literature”! In the first reading today, we are presented with words that form a part of Wisdom Literature:  Sirach 15:15-20 which pose the question of choice between life and death, good and evil.

     Wisdom Literature seeks to reflect on the realities of life and hopes to translate them in the light of God. It seeks to understand the world better in line with the justice of God. Furthermore, Wisdom literature seeks to interpret correctly the meaning of things, the realities that face the human community in relation to the divine command. In brief, Wisdom Literature reminds us that events and realities in human life should not be taken for granted. They always have a deep lesson for humanity! That being the case, we all would be wise to engage in the conversation, trying to understand the events unfolding around us, both remote and ... Read More »

Fr Fairbanks homily for 2/5/17

Posted by Patrick Fairbanks on 2/06/17

February is all about ordinary time. Lent doesn’t start until March, but until then, we march in ordinary time. We wear green vestments. Everybody seems to think it means ordinary like everyday, common, nothing special. Spiritually, there’s nothing going on.  That interpretation couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The ... Read More »

. . . I’m gonna let it shine!

Posted by Diane Roden on 2/02/17

     In our part of the world, January is just plain gloomy. Our son and his family returned after 10 years in Atlanta, and as much as he loves being with family, he does not like these grey days of winter.  Here in the midst of what the Church ... Read More »

Called to Communicate

Posted by Diane Roden on 1/27/17

Our Gospel message this weekend centers on the Call of Christ, which comes to everyone in different ways.  One great example takes place this Saturday.

     On Saturday January 28, we welcome to our parish The Salesian Guild of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati for their 73rd annual Gathering. Named after ... Read More »

Who Cares for the Caregiver?

Posted by Diane Roden on 1/19/17

     If and when you read this I will be in Jamaica with a group of men from Northern Kentucky, most of whom will have been there before. No, we will not be on some beaches of luxury, walled-in hotels.

     Rather they will be constructing cottages at ... Read More »

Psalm 95 IN ACTION: “Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.”

Posted by Diane Roden on 1/12/17

     A certain “let down” feeling comes upon us after the Christmas season ends. The excitement of preparation, the parties, even the hassle of shopping was all a distraction from everyday life. The bright lights, colors, decorations, sumptuous foods all contributed to the special nature of the season. ... Read More »

Epiphany: We have our gifts to bring

Posted by Diane Roden on 1/04/17

      In my homily for Christmas, I invited the listeners to employ a form of prayer called contemplation.  This Ignatian prayer exercise is to use your imagination to deepen your appreciation of a Gospel passage. So, using the nativity scene, in an effort to draw closer to ... Read More »

NEW YEAR’S DAY … for Catholics!

Posted by Diane Roden on 12/29/16

     For many, January 1st is the final celebration in our “Happy Holidays.” The last holiday before returning to work or school. So, there is not much special outside the Rose Parade and college bowl games. Or is there?

     In the world of the Church we have ... Read More »


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