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Posted April 24, 2015

…when I was young (yes that long ago!), the answer to the above question was often “It’s Howdy Doody time! Time to give a rousing cheer, for Howdy Doody’s here!”

At that time, and in those circumstances, that was a pretty innocent and happy reply to a question that needed a different quality of answer as the years passed by. A more mature and thoughtful response came recently from a former school teacher who wrote to her children just before she passed away, “I was born, I blinked, and now I’m gone.” It was her time to die and she faced it honestly.

As we age, we often answer the above question along the lines of – it’s time to study to pass the test; it’s time to graduate; it’s time to get ‘that’ job, it’s time to choose a committed lifestyle; it’s time to move to a permanent home; it’s time to get the promotion; etc.

And what time is it for you now? During this Easter season, may I suggest it is time to grow up spiritually: Live Life; Enjoy the Moment; and quit missing the Joy of Life, the “joie de vivre” as the French say!

No one has taught us that message more clearly in our local area than Lauren Hill of Lawrenceburg, IN. Her example will continue to be front and center for many of us for a long time to come. Will we respond as positively and joyfully as she did?

We Christians, in the midst of the Easter Season, are challenged to live up to the message of Jesus, now the Christ, to experience life abundantly. We are to put into perspective what is truly important. We are to walk away from those who claim what we “should” or “ought” to be doing to be successful and happy.

A happy, successful life is one lived in awareness of God’s love for us. It is an awareness of our goodness in God’s sight. That awareness is translated into joy. It is celebration of the simply profound reality that the only moment we have to live this life is NOW. It is TIME.

Creation itself calls us into this life, this moment, this day! Break into life! That is an attitude that affects our perspective about how to live the moment with whatever challenges it may bring.

What time is it? It’s time to wake up to the goodness of life and to the love of God for us!

Rev. Bob Ross, S.J., Assisting Priest


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