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Posted October 8, 2015

Our culture sometimes gives us “Top Ten Lists” as a way to focus our attention or to narrow a topic to make it easier to handle.  All of us often must deal with delicate personal issues at some time or another.  Some issues are sensitive and leave us open to various feelings, which can be scary.  For myself, I have found these tips very profitable in my own life:



for Dealing with Sensitive and Delicate Issues

1. Take your time. Get plenty of rest. Realize that your loved ones may not experience the situation the same way as you do.

2. Honor all of your feelings and know they are okay to have and to feel.

3. Check in with someone to let them know they are okay to have and to feel.

4. If you are grieving, set aside time each day to do your grieving. Talk with others and share memories of your loved one. Tell stores. Allow yourself to enjoy and cherish memories of past holidays. Laugh, cry, enjoy!

5. Surround yourself with people who support you and receive your story without judgement. Do what is healthy for you that will bring comfort and nourishment.

6. Look at what you are saying to yourself about what is going on in your life. Change your language. If you are telling yourself “I won’t get through this,” say “I am moving through this in order to connect more positively with myself, others, and God.”

7. Choose what activities you will do. It’s okay to say “yes” to some things and “no” to others. Taking care of yourself is important. Set a time limit on what you will do. Allow others to do things for you.

8. Decide if you need to forgive yourself or forgive others, then take steps to do that.

9. Look for God’s presence in unexpected ways.  When we are in stress or crisis, our eyes may be clouded and we may not see clearly or notice God’s goodness.

10. Pray … especially in concert with a favorite saint that you identify with.  Having a spiritual director or companion is the way many saints themselves handled life’s delicate and sensitive issues. 

 Rev. M. Joseph Casey, S.J., Associate Pastor





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