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Posted May 21, 2015


     In my homily from the Ascension last Sunday, I reflected upon the Lord’s last words before he was lifted up at the Ascension:  “Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature.”  I mentioned that this is a missionary command essential to the Christian message:  Go!  The Latin “Ite missa est” (Go, it is sent) were the final words of the Mass as the priest sent out the congregation to spread the Word through all creation.  In many ways, the most important part of Mass is when we all leave the building and do the missionary work of God.  The major feasts of the Ascension and Pentecost celebrate the power of this leaving/sending dynamism.

     My homily also mentioned a few ways that this dynamism is reflected in the plan for the new Parish Center downstairs.  The various rooms will be named for 7 Jesuit missionaries (many of whom you can see in the mural to the right of the main altar).  Francis Xavier, Peter Claver, Jacques Marquette, etc. were all missionaries sent out from Europe to spread the word in creative and dynamic ways.  Our rooms downstairs reflect the mission of this Jesuit parish (printed above on both sides of the bulletin pages you are reading).

     Finally, I made mention of the phrase “Ite Inflammate Omnia” which will be seen engraved above the main doorway when people exit the building onto Sycamore Street after Mass.  In English, this phrase means: “Go and set the world on fire.”  Ignatius Loyola is said to have used this when sending out his company on mission.  St. Ignatius took seriously the Pentecost words he learned from Jesus:  “As the Father has sent me, so I send you.” 

     The feast of Pentecost sends us forth on fire with creative energy – a dynamic power whereby the Spirit sends us “to do what you do best” in service of God’s creation: be it individual people, a community, or even the planet or the just use of resources.  Having reflected on the Word as best you can, allow the Spirit of Jesus to send you out in creative ways.  In this way we live out our mission:  inward reflection / outward action.


Yes, our Parish Center will be a center for mission.  In that spirit, let me give you a few updates regarding some changes you’ll see in our regular operation, due to the construction.

THE RAMP:  Our temporary ramp needs to be moved just a tad east to allow construction of the Founders Memorial, a ten foot high, three sided pylon which will bear the names of the church, the Parish Center, and the seven original Jesuit founders.  Mounted on the pylon will be a digital information sign displaying to traffic on street and sidewalk from the north.  So, on Tuesday May 28, the ramp to church may be inaccessible for a few hours.  It will be usable next Sunday and for the weeks of construction as this new memorial pylon is being built.

VOTIVE CANDLES: For safety reasons, due to construction plans starting Tuesday May 26, we will not use votive candles in church for two weeks.  Many of our visitors and parishioners use votive candles faithfully, as a way to pray for special intentions.  They are a powerful sign of our faith and the support our community has for one another.  We will resume the use of votive candles on June 9.  Thanks for your patience.

Rev. Patrick Fairbanks, S.J., Pastor


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