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St. X Church and Its Sister Parish in Peru

Since 2000, St. Xavier Church has had a twinning relationship with Nuestra Senora de Nazaret (Our Lady of Nazareth), a Jesuit parish located in the impoverished El Agustino neighborhood of Lima, Peru. The parish serves nearly 100,000 people through 6 chapels and 5 centers for young people. As a Jesuit parish, it sponsors a variety of vocational, catechetical, and outreach programs.

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The Jesuits of the Peru and Chicago Provinces created the mission in the late 1950’s. Within a four square-mile area, the Jesuit parish has more than 130,000 parishioners. As it does throughout the world, the Jesuit community continues its dedication to helping these poor and struggling people. Although St. X Church plays a vital role in helping its sister parish through fund-raising activities, they need so much more. Our sister parish needs you.

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