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Downtown Spirituality

Can you find God by searching?
- The Book of Job, Chapter 11, v.7

Saint of the Day
Asking saints in Heaven to pray for our earthly intentions is a humble and valid Christian tradition. Just as we ask our living friends and neighbors to pray for us, we ask souls already in paradise to pray to God on our behalf. The Church celebrates a different Saint each day.

Patron Saints
Commerce is as much a part of our downtown community as is worship. Most of the Christian saints throughout history were also workers – bankers, lawyers, teachers, laborers or business people. Your profession may even have a specific patron saint whose life can serve as an example for a faith-filled journey. Are you an accountant? Cab driver? Lawyer? Hairdresser? Journalist? Be inspired by the story of your patron saint!

Downtown Churches
Downtown Cincinnati has much to offer the spiritual seeker. Click here for a map of dozens of churches in and near downtown Cincinnati. Here’s a partial list:

Old St Mary’s Church – Catholic
123 East 13th Street – (513) 929-9165
Christ Church Cathedral – Episcopal
318 East 4th Street – (513) 621-1817
Covenant-First Presbyterian Church
717 Elm Street – (513) 621-4144
St Peter in Chains Cathedral – Catholic
325 W 8th Street – (513) 421-5354
Isaac M Wise Temple – Jewish
720 Plum Street – (513) 579-9441
St Louis Church – Catholic
29 East 8th Street – (513) 263-6621
Mount Adams Church of Christ
Celestial Street – (877) 330-0425
St Joseph Church - Catholic
745 Ezzard Charles Drive(513) 381-4526
Jerriel Baptist Church
1018 Wesley Avenue – (513) 721-5936
Holy Cross Immaculata - Catholic
30 Guido Street – (513) 721-6544
St. Mary Baptist Church
416 E. 13th Street – (513) 241-4780
Rarden Nazarene Church
1651 Main Street – (513 372-4000
St. Francis Church - Catholic
1615 Vine Street – (513) 721-4700
First Lutheran Church
1208 Race Street – (513) 421-0065

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