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Inward Reflection


Inward reflection is a staple of Ignatian prayer. Ironically, when we practice this form of spiritual rejuvenation, we become increasingly less self-centered as we open ourselves to others. We become more fully vested in the Body of Christ when we shed cynicism and loosen the attachment we have to our beliefs and notions, when we become open like a child.
Easier said than done? Of course! To help on this journey, St. Xavier parish offers reading material, programs and activities to help us find God in all things spiritual.

Parish Library – Reading deeper than the web allows

In keeping with the Jesuit dedication to education, St. X Church keeps a fantastic library. Far from an off-limits scholarly enclave, the parish library is staffed and maintained for use in your spiritual journey. Explore the writings of ancient and modern masters of our faith, expose your mind to some of the most beautiful works of prose and prayer ever written. If we don’t have what you are seeking, let us know and we’ll help you find it.

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