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Liturgical Ministries

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Liturgical Ministry Schedule, Swap Request, & Training Guides


If you are unable to make any of your scheduled services, please request a sub so that someone else can fill your important role.

God is calling you to liturgical ministry! It takes many helping hands to make each celebration run smoothly. No ordination or special skills are required to serve as a liturgical minister. Simply contact the parish office for training and schedule information.

Eucharistic Minister – Properly known as an extraordinary minister of the eucharist, this is an adult Catholic who assists in the distribution of the consecrated bread and wine during Mass.
Servers – Assisting the celebrant during Mass, the server or altar attendant can be of any age or gender but should have the maturity and ability to perform the tasks.
Greeters/Ushers – Active before Mass greeting parishioners and helping folks find a place to sit, ushers distribute the collection baskets during Mass, just prior to the Offertory Procession.

Readers – A parish member who publicly proclaims the The Word during Mass, reading from the Lectionary.

Sacristan – At Mass, the sacristan is responsible for setting up for both Liturgy of the Word, and Liturgy of the Eucharist. This means preparing all the books, vessels, offertory, and incense when appropriate. The sacristan will check to make sure the altar servers are ready and in place as well as making sure the assigned readers and extraordinary ministers are present and ready to serve. As Mass coordinator, a sacristan also assists the presider with whatever details/duties he needs done.

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