Mary Ministry

Mary Ministry

A new ministry for women at St Xavier Parish

“If you knew the gift of God” 

These words of Jesus spoken to the Samaritan woman at the well are an invitation to enter into conversation with God. While visiting his good friends in Bethany: Martha, Mary and Lazarus, Jesus noticed that Martha busied herself with housekeeping and meal preparation while Mary sat at his feet and listened to him.  Jesus’ response: Mary “has chosen the better portion.” The Scriptures are full of stories about women, their gifts, their uniqueness, their special place in the Kingdom of God and how Jesus listened to them and engaged them in his ministry.

St. Xavier Church would like all women to consider an invitation to listen to the Lord, through Scripture reflection and to engage in meaningful dialogue with other women. We are launching this faith sharing venture for women of the parish.  We call this a “Mary Ministry” because it is a ministry named after Mary of Bethany who listened to the words of Jesus and found in them a way of life.

Please join us for an introductory evening of the Mary Ministry that is sure to be of value whether you are single, married, a young mom, veteran mother, divorced, empty-nester, or in any stage of life.  For future meetings, please check our ads in the Upcoming Events. page .

Our basic format might include:
- welcome and introductions
- prayer
- catching-up and support
- Scripture reading and study
- reflection and discussion\
- petitions
- closing prayer
- possible time for social and informal chat

Mary found true comfort and wisdom in Jesus’ words. Along with her sister, she was one of the most vocal in proclaiming Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus rewarded their faith by resuscitating their brother Lazarus. This was indeed a miracle, and it was brought about as the result of faith in God and belief in Jesus as the Son of God. May the example of this woman from Bethany inspire all women of our parish to gather and explore deeper the words of Jesus and the impact and application they have for women of faith.

For more information contact Deacon Tim at or call the Parish Office, 513-721-4045.