What is the role of a church in downtown Cincinnati in the third millennium? A century ago, St. Xavier Church was essentially a neighborhood parish for downtown residents. Today, people from a hundred zip codes come here to worship; most of our parishioners do not live downtown.

Connecting People With Place

St. Xavier is a community church, a downtown church.  Each week, St. Xavier Church is the destination for thousands of people from around the tri-state. They come to downtown Cincinnati to worship. As a Roman Catholic parish, worship is our primary role, but we are involved in many aspects of downtown Cincinnati life.

St. Xavier Church connects our far-flung members with downtown people, places and issues. We become involved in downtown ministries and interact with downtown people. In the process, we become more aware of the things we have in common, rather than the circumstances of location, wealth and status that seem to divide.

A Practical Choice

Downtown Cincinnati, like many other city centers, derives its unique character from its compact utility. Here, you can live, eat, worship, shop, work, play, attend school and access quite a lot within the area of a few blocks.

Change and renewal have always been part of the life cycle of downtown Cincinnati, driven by supply, demand and other social forces. St. Xavier Church is part of this continuum. We have moved, built, rebuilt, burned, rebuilt, razed and redecorated our buildings as needed; our regard is that our members feel a part of a community, not part of a building.

Be Blessed

We invite you to come downtown to St. Xavier Church. Come for the historical architecture, or the daily Mass offerings. Come to reconnect with the Jesuit charism you may have experienced in school. Stay and see what events, attractions, opportunities and personalities downtown Cincinnati offers you today. Our greatest blessings are in community.